Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Match Made In Starbucks

Leonard Lopate is certain he has "met everyone of importance already."

But surely, the Emperor of Totebaggery requires a fitting consort -- Mr. Lopate, here she is! Freshly risen from the foam of a Grande Mochaccino from the Starbucks across from the 92nd Street Y -- behold, the Bride of Totebaggery!

MY FIRST PROPER DIPTYCH!: i.e. one that fully illustrates my personal interpretation of the meaning of the word diptych. Only paintings that are perfectly fine on their own, but just plain better together, and therefore sad without one another, should be considered for diptych status.

That's right! "Just plain better together."

I shall reserve my waterproof Great Lash for what I'm sure will be a very Special "Vows" section of the New York Times.


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